Janus Webinar Series for MSW Faculty

Based on findings from Consortium stuidies examining the readiness of North American graduates to conduct evidence-based practice (Barwick, 2011), as well as their graduate academic preparation in MSW program (Bertram, Chrnin, Kerns, & Long, in press), we developed a webinar series for MSW faculty.

These webinars are named after the mythological Janus figurehead that looks to both worlds, shaping the present with eyes focused toward the past and the future.

Janus figurehead

The webinar series manifests our firm belief that evidence-based practice is a shared responsibility of both academic programs child and family behavioral health services.

We seek to develop a technical assistance & research network that:

Identifies challengies & receives assistance to promote evidence based practice in our academic & field curricula.

Shares examples of successful inclusion of evidence based practice in our academic & field curricula.

Pursues research, funding, & publishing opportunities about these efforts.


Webinar 1

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Evidence Based Practice in MSW Curricula:
Misconceptions and Facts

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  • We introduced the Consortium and intent of the Janus Webinar Series for MSW Faculty.
  • We presented findings from our studies on evidence-based practice preparedness and workforce development (Barwick, 2011; Bertram, Charnin, Kerns & Long, in press, Research on Social Work Practice).
  • We addressed misconceptions about evidence-based practice expressed in peer-reviewed literature and also evident in our study of North American MSW curricula.

Webinar 2

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Integrating Evidence Based Practice in MSW Curricula

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We presented overviews of MSW curricula at:

  1. George Warren Brown School of Social Work,
    Washington University, St Louis MO
    This MSW program completely transformed its curricula to support teaching evidence–based practice as a process, while also teaching specific evidence supported treatment models.

  2. University of Washington, Seattle WA
    This university-based multi-disciplinary effort developed training for practitioners in child and family behavioral health settings.

  3. Fordham University
    This MSW program integrated a course developed by a child and family behavioral health program! The Wheeler Clinic developed it teach evidence-based practice models to both practitioners and academic faculty (Cannata & Hoge, 2012).

  4. University of Missouri-Kansas City
    This MSW program transformed a required program evaluation course to teach implementation science and frameworks. Students conduct multi-method implementation evaluations of their field sites (Bertram, King, Pederson, & Nutt, 2014).Through its National Child Welfare Workforce Initiative grant, this program infuses implementation science and evidence-based practice into field instruction via eight-week rotations through public and private child welfare service models. This seeds initial implementation of an evidence-based re-definition of Missouri’s family-centered service model.

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Finding the Fit: Evidence-Based Practice in MSW Curricula

Tuesday June 16 1-2 pm EDT


Based upon Janus webinar series participants’ comments, questions and requests (see our MSW Faculty Blog), faculty will present course syllabi and assignments, as well as strategies employed in bringing evidence-based practice and implementation science into three MSW programs:>

    • George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University
    • University of Missouri-Kansas City
    • Fordham University

To participate via computer/VoIP, please register by clicking here: