Origins and focus

In 2004, several individuals from Canada  and the the United States realized they were similarly promoting adoption of evidence-based programs and practices.

Through frequent communication and this synergy of interest and efforts, participants began to identify common successful strategies and challenges.

Across a variety of systems change projects, we shared lessons in annual Consortium meetings at the Research and Policy Conference for Child Adolescent and Young Adult Behavioral Health in Tampa FL, at the Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development conference in Denver CO, and at the biennial Global Implementation Conference.

Through these meetings and teleconferences, Consortium participation grew as we organized along areas of interest and collaborated on studies and publications.

Some of our initial roster of participants can be seen here.

Nearly two decades later, the Consortium engages in state, regional and national efforts to support selection and implementation of evidence-based practice. We work within and between academic and behavioral health programs to address practice and policy that impacts children, youth, families and their communities.




Our research and activities support:

Addressing Family First Prevention Services Act funding requirements

Selecting and adapting evidence based practice

Assessing readiness for implementation

Providing training and technical assistance

Convening conference tracks for national and global conferences

Workforce development in professional degree & behavioral health programs




Service or product innovations create

 new markets and value networks


Focusing through implementation frameworks,

organizations survive and thrive in changing markets