EBP in MSW Curricula

EBP in MSW Curricula

Consortium Studies and Webinars

Barwick’s findings inspired a Consortium study of MSW program curricula (Bertram, Charnin, Kerns, & Long, 2014, 2015). The full report was shared with deans and directors of Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited MSW programs and is available here:

Bertram, R.M., Kerns, S.E., Charnin, L., & Long, A. (2014). Evidenced-based practices in North American MSW Curricula: Full Report. Child and Family Evidence-Based Practices Consortium. Denver, CO.

A summary of this study and report was peer-reviewed and is available below:

Bertram, R.M., Charnin, L.A., Kerns, S.E., & Long, A. J. (2015). Evidence-based practices in North American MSW curricula. Research on Social Work Practice.


These studies inspired development of our Janus webinar series for MSW faculty and programs. These webinars are named after the mythological Janus figurehead that looks to both worlds, shaping the present with eyes focused toward the past and the future.

Janus figurehead

These webinars emphasize that effective implementation of evidence-based practice is a shared responsibility of professional academic programs and of family service programs.

Through these webinars we developed a technical assistance & research network that:

Identified challenges & provided assistance to promote evidence based practice in academic & field curricula.

Shared examples of successful inclusion of evidence based practice in academic & field curricula.

Pursued research, funding, & publishing opportunities about such efforts.