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National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) Improving Implementation: Evidence-Based Treatments and Practices: This links to a section of the NCTSN Learning Center that provides access to speakers, information, tools, and resources focused on key implementation science principles and lessons learned from implementation efforts.

The aim of these courses are to promote the successful training, adoption, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based treatment and practices.

All of the content was developed with implementation of practices within the context of NCTSN sites in mind – the population, settings, challenges, and needs commonly seen by providers serving children and families impacted by trauma.

  • Speakers and products generated as a part of the 2015 NCTSN Implementation Summit highlight key research and usable tools.
  • The Implementing and Sustaining Evidence-Based Practices course covers a broad array of implementation topics, research, and resources.
  • The TOOLCIT Curriculum is a module-based course that outlines key components of implementation collaboratives while giving practical examples and modifiable resources that will assist instructors or participants in collaborative learning environments.

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Global Implementation Conference