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The Child and Family Evidence-Based Practice Consortium includes international participants. Our recent co-director, Jacquie Brown leads development for Triple P International Parenting in African and other nations.

Several of our current and emeritus leadership group participants are active in the Global Implementation Society, in the Society for Implementation Research and Collaboration, as well as in organizing and presenting at Australian implementation conferences.

Highlighting Jacquie Brown

Jacquie BrownJacquie leads development for Triple P International Parenting in African and other nations. She conducted workshops and presentations on implementation in low and middle-income countries, highlighting that implementation science tends not to be used in providing services or evidence-based practices and that this diminishes sustainability of these efforts.

What are we learning about Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice in Majority World (Low and Middle income) Countries?

Implementation: Majority World Countries GIC 2015

With Jenna McWilliam, also from Triple P International, Jacquie also presented The Role of the Purveyor Organization in promoting sustainability in a self-regulatory framework.

And Jacquie pinch hit for SCI KMN and presented Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Dissemination Network: An adapted collective impact exemplar for social impact within neuroscience innovation ecosystems in the Canadian context.

Given such diverse knowledge and abilities, we’re quite certain that if Jacquie were a major league baseball player, she would command the highest of salaries!



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