Integrating EBPs

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Integrating Evidence Based Practice in MSW Curricula

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We presented overviews of MSW curricula at:

  1. George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University, St Louis MO: This MSW program completely transformed curricula to teach a process for evidence–based practice, while also teaching specific evidence supported treatment models.
  2. University of Washington: This university-based multi-disciplinary effort develops and provides training for practitioners in child and family behavioral health settings.
  3. Fordham University: This MSW program integrated a course developed by The Wheeler Clinic, a child and family behavioral health program! It teach evidence-based practice models to both practitioners and academic faculty (Cannata & Hoge, 2012).
  4. University of Missouri-Kansas City: This MSW program transformed a required program evaluation course to teach implementation science and frameworks. Students conduct multi-method implementation evaluations of their field sites (Bertram, King, Pederson, & Nutt, 2014). Also, through a National Child Welfare Workforce Initiative university partnership grant, implementation science and evidence-based practice are infused into through public and private child welfare service models via restructured field curricula implementation.