JFSW Special Issue

Based upon the focus and strength of the Consortium’s track of presentations organized for the 32nd Research and Policy Conference for Child, Adolescent and Young Adult Behavioral Health  (March 2019, Tampa FL), the Journal of Family Social Work invited us to produce a special issue titled Effective Implementation of Evidence-Supported Treatment. Three of the articles from that special issue are linked below.

Co-editors Rosalyn Bertram and Jacquie Brown briefly describe special issue contents:

Effective Implementation of Evidence Supported Treatment

Marlowe, Cannata, et al., (2020) present a comparison of two Consortium studies on academic preparation of workforce for evidence based practice

Teaching Evidence-based Practice: A Comparison of Two Disciplines

Betram, Collins, & Elsen (2020) present examples of University partnership in Missouri public and private child welfare workforce preparation and program implementation