Current Study

Evidence-based practice in Marriage & Family Therapy Curricula.

  • This is the second in a series of Consortium studies on workforce development at the interface of academic and behavioral health care programs. It is approved by the University of Washington’s IRB. Principle investigator is Sue Kerns PhD. Participating researchers include Rosalyn Bertram LMFT PhD. Elisabeth Cannata PhD, Soo-Whan Choi MA, and Dana Marlowe PhD.

  • This study replicates the Consortium’s exploration of evidence-based practice in North American MSW curricula study (Bertram, Charnin, Kerns, & Long, 2014; 2015).The full report of this study and the summary article published in the journal Research on Social Work Practice are available for review from the RESOURCES tab on this website. 2Header

  • Our current study explores: “To what extent is evidence-based practice taught in masters level MFT curricula?”

  • Results will be distributed in 2017 to accredited masters level MFT programs. A summary manuscript will be submitted to the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy. A manuscript comparing the results of the MSW study and the MFT study will also be submitted for peer-reviewed publication.


Specific information for survey respondents

In our survey, we ask responding deans, chairs or directors to identify the extent to which evidence based practices are taught in their masters level curricula.

For the most accurate and thorough responses we encourage faculty discussion.

To this end, an electronic copy of survey questions about specific EBPs can be downloaded here (EBPs in North American masters degree Marriage and Family Therapy programs)